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Tour of Cypress Forest Park

Cypress Forest Park west of Champion Forest Drive

The following are some pictures from the portion of Cypress Forest Park west of Champion Forest Drive.  It is the “manicured” type of park.  The more “natural” areas are in the adjacent leased land area, but not formally part of the park.  Those areas are shown in the tour of the leased land . The Cypress Forest Public Utility District (PUD) owns this land and also owns adjacent land leased to Raveneaux Country Club.

Cypress Forest Park welcome sign   

The official welcome sign to Cypress Forest Park from Cypresswood Drive. 

The sign is about 500 feet back from Cypresswood.  You get to it by walking along a path next to one of the ponds parallel to Cypresswood Drive.  So, if the Harris County Flood Control District (HCFCD) only honors their commitment to leave a 300 foot buffer between the road and a detention basin, this area would be dug out, no longer part of the park.  A portion of the ponds parallel to Cypresswood would be dug out and drained as well:  detention basins need to be dry except optionally at the very bottom, to provide room to temporarily store flood water. The boundaries for our interpretation of “County Plan 1” are assuming that the detention basin is set back farther than just 300 feet, to maintain the existence of both the ponds and the paths closest to the lakes. This optimistic assumption may partly account for why the county found room for more water detention than our analysis.

A short walk south from this point leads to::

Cypress Forest Park, heading south towards Central Lake.

Path heading south from the Cypresswood entrance gate, heading towards “Central Lake” in the leased land area.

Heading southwest from the Cypresswood entrance gate into the leased land area takes you to this point:

Cypress Forest Park, looking north from leased land.   Looking north from the leased land back at Cypress Forest Park 

A short walk east of the Cypresswood entrance (behind the Mormon Temple) takes you to: 

Temple Pond, with fisherman.

 A fisherman at the “Temple Pond”.  (This pond is just behind the Mormon Temple, but not owned by it.)  The brown material on the pond is pine needles, not normally present.

Cypress Forest Park east of Champion Forest Drive

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